Why do people shoot?

Shotgun shooting is a fairly big deal in Somerset; it is a moving target sport in which clays or birds can be shot, and many people visit the county to shoot and have a good time. Many Somerset farmers benefit from hosting shoots because they gain money from people who participate from all over England.

There are roughly 940,000 people in Somerset and about 24,000 of the population have a firearms or shotgun license.

Do we feel safe?

We asked a few people if they felt safe, knowing that there are quite a lot of firearms in Somerset, and not one said they felt afraid or unsafe about it. One Somerset resident who was interviewed said, “The police have to grant someone a license for them to own a gun, this will ensure that the new owner will use it properly”.

Currently, all gun owners must have a safe for the gun and a separate safe for the ammunition.

Somerset, also holds a few shooting champions, for example, Ed Ling, a Somerset farmer, shot his way to a Bronze Medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics.