Hinkley Point C: What do you think?

On the 29th September 2016, the final contract was signed concerning Hinkley Point C, but what exactly is it? Hinkley Point C is a nuclear power station based in the south west which is under construction as we speak. The plant will be placed next to the two existing power stations, Hinkley Point A and B will become the biggest construction site in Europe. The power station hopes to provide not only energy for the country but thousands of jobs and business opportunities for locals. But will this come at too high a cost?

Hinkley Point aerial

We will be looking into the two opposing views about Hinkley Point C, for and against. 

Advantages of Hinkley Point C.

There are many great advantages of Hinckley Point C. For instance, it will create 7% of the UK’s energy as well as that the low carbon electricity will help towards our climate change goals.

Hinckley Point C will be the biggest construction site in Europe, according to EDF. It will be 2 square miles.

It will create 25,000 new employments including 1,000 apprentices, investing £15million in training.

In general, there will be a cheaper running cost of electricity, lower fuel costs since, little uranium supplies create large amounts of energy and is widely available. There will be no effect on land, water or habitats.  

Disadvantages of Hinkley Point C.

There are many dangerous disadvantages of Hinkley Point C. These include, most obviously, radioactive waste; It can take radioactive waste up to 10,000 years to stabilize, most waste is covered with sand this is known as vitrification. It can make sand, or water contaminated therefore making it unsafe.

Nuclear accidents are also a big risk, as a simple mistake can lead to a complete meltdown, such as the Chernobyl disaster. Radiation emitted from the power can be somewhat lethal.

Not forgetting the extremely high costs though China's CGN has a 33.5% stake in Hinckley Point C and will have to fund a third of the £18bn cost. But 60% of the construction value will flow to UK firms. There are also concerns that it become a target for terrorism and it will give us the power to produce more nuclear weapons which could be argued as an advantage or disadvantage.

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