Solidaritea – Saving the world one cup at a time.

Two girls from England, Rosie Johnson 22 from Wiveliscombe, Somerset and Lily Stephenson, 26 from Plymouth, have begun a road trip starting in Italy taking the Balkan route where most refugees are travelling into the EU from Syria and other countries, will be serving out free cups of tea at the camps.

This charitable idea started whilst they were out on the Greek Island of Chios for four months and were hit by a severe storm that made them want to stay to help for an extra month around the area. The day after a friend of theirs offered them a catering truck and thus started the tea giving charity.

In 2015 alone 1.3 million refugees have entered the European Union in search of asylum, which has led to many political debates such as Brexit. Most of these refugees end up in Germany which has accepted over 140,000 refugees into the country or Sweden with the second most, accepting 32,000 refugees.

The Tea-Brewing-Duo will be driving, eating and living in their truck for the six months they are out there and has received a lot of support on their social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have also been donated to on the site JustGiving, receiving £3,395 which is past their original £3,000 to supply themselves and the tea to go on the journey.