‘Tommy’ Reborn As Musical.


The Who’s 1975 film ‘Tommy’ directed by Ken Russel and starring members of The Who such as Roger Daltrey, who played the main character in the picture, is finally being produced into a musical after 42 years of being on the big screen.

The musical is based on the album ‘Tommy’, released in May 1969 by British rock band byThe Who. This was the group’s first attempt at a rock opera itsold over 20 million copies and was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame.

The album, mainly written and composed by The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend, tells the story of a blind, dumb and deaf child and his experiences through life and with his family.

After being produced as a screenplay in 1975 the production is becoming an onstage musical including a freshly worded track written by Pete Townshend, which he called the ‘Torch Song’.

In a report by Tim Masters. Pete Townshend is quoted to say, “When I heard that there was a new planned production of Tommy, I was pleased of course. But when I heard they planned to do a production featuring actors with disabilities of various kinds, that will actually throw new light on the original story, I became very excited”.

The actors that are performing in this musical production are both disabled and non-disabled actors from the Ramps On The Moon Theatre project. They start their first showing of ‘Tommy’ beginning their UK tour on March 30th 2017 at New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. 

Reported By - Sebastian