Kingsmead Elections

Posted on Jun 09, 2017

Kingsmead students staged a ‘mock’ election this week as part of their PSHCE citizenship studies.  All students from across Years 7 to 10 took part in the process in mixed year groups either as a member of one of the 3 Politicial Party Teams, working in a Polling Station Team or as a Voter. 

12 Student Council volunteers formed 3 Parties (the Progress Party, the Transform Party and the Tomorrow Party).  Party leaders selected their support teams and were tasked with producing their own manifesto video broadcasts each presenting 3 predetermined policies to really put their skills of debate and persuasion to work.

Meanwhile Voters ensured they were registered on the Electoral Role and spent time considering their responsibilities as a voter.  Political Broadcasts were aired in afternoon registration on Wednesday 7th June prior to voting the next morning with very hard-working Polling Station Teams co-ordinating the distribution of polling cards and ballot papers prior to vote counting and verification.

The Final Election results, with an 84% voter turnout, were:-

Tomorrow Party 62.5%

Progress Party 33.3%

Transform Party with 4.2%

The Tomorrow Party won with a clear lead over their rivals and with three manifesto policies based on improving the health of poor people in developing countries, reducing transport emissions and housing support for older and vulnerable people.