Duke of Edinburgh

Posted on Oct 18, 2017

Eight teams of Year 10 students (a total of 56) have enrolled to participate in this year’s Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Programme, which is run in conjunction with Kingsmead. During September and October they have been spending lunchtimes preparing for their first Practice Walk and Practice Expedition, as part of their ‘Expedition’ element of the award, by learning skills such as navigation, map reading, camp craft, cooking and first aid. 

The students put their newly acquired skills to the test on Sunday 1st October when they spent the afternoon on the Quantocks walking a planned route under the guidance of staff and volunteers. This was followed by their Practice Expedition weekend on 14th and 15th October when they completed a walk over two days, carrying all their kit necessary for an overnight camp near Dulverton. 

The students will complete their Assessed Expedition next May when they will be required to walk and complete their own pre-planned routes over a weekend.