Spelling Bee 2018

Posted on Jul 04, 2018

During the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, students from Years 7 and 8 learnt vocabulary in their English, French, German and Spanish lessons and earned house points in frequent spelling tests.  This culminated in the MFL and English Spelling Bee Finals which were held during lunchtime on Tuesday 3rd July.  Teams from our three Houses competed in the Finals to earn house points and dictionaries.

Round 1 alternated between the four languages which unfortunately knocked Parrett out of the competition.  This left Otter and Barle to fight it out in the knockout round, spelling words such as naïve, liaise, février and Französisch.  The atmosphere was tense and Otter just beat Barle to become the 2018 winners!

Well done to all the students involved and to all those who supported their Houses on the day.