Team Building Day

Posted on Oct 17, 2018

On Wednesday 10th October Year 7 students spent the day outside of the classroom at the 1610 Sports and Activity Centre based at Hestercombe on a Team Building and Activity Trip. 

The day was an opportunity for the students to spend quality time with each other and their Form Tutors, taking part in a variety of different challenges including tug of war, the water drain game and ball challenges.  Students said of the day:

“I really enjoyed Hestercombe because I have never played any of the activities before.  Getting wet and working as a team was good fun!  My favourite activity was the throwing and catching the ball and seeing how many times we could do it.”

“I thought it would be hard to make friends with people I don’t know but the activities made it easy.”

“The best bit about Hestercombe was when we played a game where we needed to fill a pipe (with holes in) with water to get a ball out.  My favourite part was when everyone was getting wet.”