Design and Technology

Welcome to the Kingsmead School Design and Technology Department.

The subject calls students to become autonomous and creative problem solvers, as individual and team members. Many students come from a rural background and have grown up on farms and in the countryside. This has enthused many to be motivated to work well in Design and Technology. The subject is taught through theory and practical making it accessible to all learners combining kinaesthetic, audible and visual learning styles. GCSE prepares students for college as well as the workplace giving them skills and experience.

The curriculum is implemented using up to date software and hardware, new and emerging technologies as well as traditional methods in the workshop and in the classroom. Students are taught in real life situations in areas related to materials technology, production methods with an emphasis on health and safety. Lessons are taught in a variety of ways which include demonstrations, explanations, modelling and replicate. Teacher enthusiasm plays an important role in the delivery of lessons which will include a passion for the subject and great subject knowledge. Students will work with a full range of tools, equipment, software, and materials to produce designs and products. Students experience this range of tools and equipment and making processes throughout their KS3 and KS4 experience. 

Practical and theory work is assessed as it emerges, usually each half term. All learners learn key points as they progress through the course. These will include properties of materials, tools identification, the design process and analysis techniques among others. Design and make outcomes as well as written assessment work will demonstrate the level of knowledge and skills students have progressed to. Many students progress to FE and HE, studying a range of courses including carpentry, engineering, architecture and fashion design among others. Students delight in the subject, including their gained skills and the outcomes they produce. Many students feel relaxed and free experiencing this practical curriculum.

Sequence of Learning inDesign and Technology

This is a summary of the topics studied in Design and Technology at Kingsmead School.

Due to the allocation of Design Technology at Key Stage 3 being two lessons a fortnight, students are taught in 2 rotations throughout the year to enable progress.

Key Stage 3 Sequence of Learning

Year 7

Year 8

Rotation 1

10 weeks

Themed mirror project

Designing a frame for the mirror



Rotation 2

9 weeks

Desk tidy


Pewter Jewellery



Key Stage 4 Sequence of Learning

Year 10

Year 11

Term 1 (Sept-Oct)

Pencil box


Term 2 (Nov-Dec)

Wind machine




Term 3 (Jan-Feb)

Sweet dispenser




Term 4 (Feb-Mar)

Practice NEA

(controlled assessment)


Exam revision


Term 5 (Apr-May)


Exam revision


Top 5 Websites

For additional learning and revision in this subject, see these websites:


Design and Technology Progress Overviews

These are designed to outline the progression of Design and Technology based learning within each year group. They make clear the skills, understanding and knowledge within each category of our language for learning