Physical Education

Welcome to the Kingsmead School Physical Education Department.

The benefits of Physical Education are far-reaching, it increases student physical health and improves academic performance. At Kingsmead our curriculum aims to develop our students so they feel capable and confident of actively engaging in lifelong physical activity.  It also builds character and enables students to develop resilience and interpersonal skills.

 At Key Stage 3, our students study a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum which includes modules of work in Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Fitness, Games and Leadership. Participating in such a wide range of activities develops physical competency and increases student confidence. As our students progress through the key stage they develop their ability to apply newly learned skills to varying situations and become increasingly more confident decision makers. Programmes alter each year according to the timetable, facilities and teaching staff but examples of our current key stage 3 programmes are available on request.

The KS4 core offer builds on this platform whilst recognising that students have different personalities and complex relationships with physical activity. Each student follows a suitable pathway which they choose at the start of the academic year. Within this pathway they tackle increasingly more complex and demanding physical activity which develops their personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle. Specific activities will vary according to the individuals within each group, the weather, facilities available and teacher specialisms but examples of our current key stage 4 programmes are available on request.

KS4 Options

Students who choose to study the subject at exam level can follow the AQA GCSE PE course, the OCR Cambridge Nationals certificate in Sports Studies course or our own non-exam sports course.

The GCSE course challenges students to raise their performance in a variety of competitive physical activities. It also develops knowledge and understanding of the key body systems and principles of movement and how these impact on health, fitness and performance in physical activity and sport. Students learn how to train safely by studying a number of different training methods. They also develop understanding of psychological factors that can affect sports performances and socio-cultural factors that impact on a lifetime participation in physical activity and sport. Assessment on the GCSE course is through two exams taken at the end of the course. In addition there is a controlled assessment where students practical performance is assessed and an analysis and evaluation project which assesses the student’s ability to bring about improvement in their practical performance.  

The OCR Cambridge Nationals course enables students to develop and apply knowledge of sports-related activities, with a particular focus on leading and officiating. Students explore contemporary issues in sport, different ways of being involved in the sports industry, and the impact of sport on wider society. It is assessed through both an externally set exam and internally assessed coursework. Students also explore the wide range of career opportunities related to the sports industry and examine how to access these careers and the development paths within them.

Students who choose to follow Kingsmead’s own non-exam PE course do not gain a nationally recognised qualification but develop a portfolio of skills and sports related qualifications to take on to college. Students study modules in leadership, coaching, practical sport, health and fitness and first aid.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Students are further challenged and enriched through a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. The PE department provides lunchtime and after school opportunities to participate in a wide range of recreational clubs. It also runs School teams in many Games, Cross country and Athletics and competes regularly in area and county competitions.

Top 5 Websites

For additional learning and revision in this subject, see these websites:

  1. Individual Governing body websites for the rules of each sport.
  3. BBC Bitesize pe
  5. PE

Physical Education Progress Overviews
These are designed to outline the progression of Physical Education based learning within each year group. They make clear the skills, understanding and knowledge within each category of our language for learning.