The School Day

Arrival, Registration
08:30 Site opens to students. All students to rear playground. In event of wet weather - Years 7-8, Main Hall. Years 9-11, servery
08:45 All students to enter tutor base
08:50 Register should be being taken in tutor base
Lesson Time
09:00 Leave tutor base & go directly to Period 1 classroom/block
10:00 Leave Period 1 lesson & go directly to Period 2 classroom/block
11:00 Leave Period 2 lesson & begin their break
11:15 End of break – go directly to Period 3 classroom/block (11.12am bell)
12:15 Leave Period 3 lesson & go directly to Period 4 classroom/block
1:00 Year 7 only leave classroom & go to direct to either servery (school dinners) or Main Hall (packed lunch) accompanied by their teacher (temporary arrangement at start of term only)
1:15 Years 8-11 Leave Period 4 lesson. Y10 & 11 to servery at 1.15pm, eat in servery (including packed lunch). Y8&9 to servery at 1.35pm.
2:00 End of Lunch – students go directly to their Tutor Base (1.57 bell)
2:20 End of Tutor Time – all students go directly to their Period 5 classroom/block
End of school day
3:20 Students leave classrooms for turning circle/home. Y7-9 wait outside science. Y10-11 wait outside North Block.

Students should be reminded to walk on the left when moving through Main Block, and to observe the correct up / down stairs, & to remember not to leave the Servery with food