Online Safety How can you protect yourself online?

The internet is such an integral part of our lives these days. Over 2 Billion people on the planet now have access to the internet and this number is growing rapidly. It opens up so many educational and social opportunities, giving access to, quite literally, a world of information and experiences. Whether on a computer at school, a laptop at home, a games console or mobile phone, children and young people are increasingly accessing the internet whenever they can and wherever they are. Pupils at school now have never known a world without the internet - yet for many adults the internet is only a recent innovation.

As you would protect yourself in the real world, you will want to make sure that you are safe whatever you are doing. Like learning to cross the road, online safety skills are skills for life. If you understands the risks and can make sensible and informed choices online, you can get the most from the internet and stay safe whilst doing so.


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