Welcome to the Kingsmead Parent Teacher Association

We are a team parents and teachers across all year groups who aim to:

All parents are automatically members of the PTA and we always welcome new parents / carers to join the Committee. We are flexible and welcome all and any help you can give!

PTA Website - https://kingsmeadpta.com

As all of our events are currently on line, we have a PTA website where you can purchase tickets to our events, raffles and 100 Club. Shortly you will be able to purchase both new and secondhand uniform through the website as well.

Since September this year we have funded the following;

Engineering: A3 drawing boards
Catering: 4 sets of Stella pans
English: 8 sets of Reading books
MFL: Dictionaries
IC: Puzzle books, stress balls, fiddle kits, art sets, food vouchers for cooking
Geography: GCSE and K3 Text books
Construction: Text books

The more money we raise, the more we can support the students and the school!

We would value your help and support along with any fundraising ideas. All meetings are held on line, so no need to leave home! You can contact us at any time by email ptaext@kingsmead-school.com