Home Learning

We want all Kingsmead students to achieve their best possible results and in order to do this we believe they need to spend periods of time studying at home.

This will:

  • reinforce, extend and enrich learning.
  • result in them being able to learn more independently.
  • develop responsibility for the quality of their own work.
  • promote completion of tasks successfully according to set deadlines.
  • allow them to practise learning in an environment which is largely in their control.
  • give them opportunities to involve members of their family in their learning.
  • develop habits for lifelong learning.

Students are expected to complete all home learning and they should spend the recommended time on it. Please see below for a description of what is expected in each year group.

In Years 7, 8 & 9 students will follow the timetable found on the front of their Knowledge Organiser booklet:

The home learning timetable for Years 10 & 11 is below and will be used to support those students that struggle with managing their time outside of school by ensuring that tasks are spread out over the fortnight. Whilst it is suggested that tasks are completed on a particular night, students can complete beforehand.

All KS4 home learning is recorded on ClassCharts allowing students to easily see all tasks and the date they are due. Parents are able to support this important aspect of school life through their own access to ClassCharts.

Support with Knowledge Organiser Home Learning for Students in Years 7, 8 & 9

All students receive a folder with their Knowledge Organiser and an exercise book (Years 7 & 8 only), which must be brought to school every day. Each term students will receive a new Knowledge Organiser and learn how to self-quiz on the knowledge that links to each subject curriculum by following 30 minutes of practise, test and review for each subject. Tutors will check completion every morning and subject teachers will assess via low stakes quizzes or activities in lessons. Year 9 students will complete their home learning in their subject exercise books. As well as spending time learning the knowledge, they will also have a task to complete. This will be checked by their subject teachers.

Watch these videos to help with self-quizzing.

Use this template to support the presentation of self-quizzing.

Use this Knowledge Organiser to find out how to support with self-quizzing:

If home learning has not been set, students could undertake further study.

This could be:

  • revising or reviewing the work covered in a lesson.
  • making further enquiries about a topic or undertake research.
  • discussing the content of a lesson or topic with another person.
  • spending time reading a variety of books, magazines, webpages, newspapers or comics of their choice.

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