Options Information

Options information

In Year 9, students make decisions about the three or four courses they wish to follow in Years 10 and 11. This is referred to as ‘option subjects’. This is distinct from ‘core subjects’ which are mandatory and include English, Maths, Science, Philosophy and Belief, PE and Languages.

More information on the options process will be shared via letter to parents at the relevant point in Year 9.


In preparation for making options decisions, students will need to do the following.

  1. Read (and make certain that you understand) the information in the options booklet. Make certain that you understand the subject information.
  2. Watch the videos from your subject teachers (linked from the relevant pages of the options booklet).
  3. Talk to your parents/carers about the available courses and your suitability for them.
  4. Communicate with subject teachers as required about the courses and your suitability for them. You can send an email to contact@kingsmead-school.com marked for the attention of any teacher if you wish or find staff emails from your student Outlook account (accessed via the office symbol on the school website).
  5. Consider any emergent career choices and where necessary send an email to our careers advisor Sally Trump strumpcareers@yahoo.com with any questions you may have or to book a careers meeting with parents present.
  6. Make use of the Year 9 subject and parents evenings.

Making Choices

When making option choices, think carefully about:

  • Your interests, hobbies and talents
  • Your current favourite subjects
  • Your preferred way of learning i.e. practical, technical, academic, creative
  • Your career interests

Your core GCSE curriculum at Kingsmead (English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Languages) will enable you to progress to the relevant follow on A Level course, grades permitted. If in the future you chose to study the following subjects at A Level or equivalent, you are likely to need to have first studied them as an option at Kingsmead: Art, Sport, Music, Computer Science, Languages, History. This list is not exhaustive – please check the latest college prospectuses for more details. These are available online from our main feeder college websites – Bridgwater & Taunton College, Richard Huish College, Exeter College, Bicton College (amongst others).

Who can I contact for help?

If you would like further advice after reading this options booklet, please:

  1. Talk to the relevant staff at the subject and options parents evening. Please wait for this date before asking questions of staff.
  2. Contact your tutor who will likely have a broad understanding of subjects at Kingsmead School
  3. Contact a specific member of staff listed below, by emailing contact@kingsmead-school.com and marking it for their attention.

If we have any concerns about your choices we may contact your parents/carers to discuss the matter.

What is the Kingsmead Core Curriculum (which all students study)?

At Kingsmead all students for whom it is appropriate will follow learning programmes in:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language and English Literature
  3. Science (Triple Science, GCSE Combined Science or Entry Level Science)
  4. Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish)
  5. Humanities subject (Geography or History)
  6. Careers Advice and Guidance
  7. Physical Education and Games
  8. Philosophy and Belief

Personal Relationships, Social Pressures, Healthy Lifestyles, Citizenship and Economic Wellbeing (PSHCE)  is a core part of the curriculum at Kingsmead.

What are the additional opportunities available at Kingsmead (studied by all or offered to parents/students)?

At Kingsmead we believe that your studies must be balanced by a whole range of other opportunities and challenges. This means that we will support you in reaching academic success, but we will also ensure that you develop the personal qualities and skills so important in modern adult life. The opportunities and challenges offered at Kingsmead include the following:

We are proud of what we offer and it is always a pleasure to see young people develop in maturity and confidence as a result of seizing opportunities.  It’s up to you to take advantage of what’s on offer!

What are the typical Option Subjects Choices?

Typical choices are as follows:

Art, Catering, Child Development, Computer Science, Construction, Engineering, Drama, Geography, History, iMedia, Motor Vehicle, Music, PE – GCSE or Sport Studies vocational, Religious Studies.

How do you choose your Options subjects?

An options survey form will be sent in an email and Class Charts task to each student from Mr Pierce.


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