Art is a highly regarded subject as it enables skills in dexterity, problem solving, working independently and to think outside of the box all which future employers are looking for when recruiting in the big wide world. Through teaching art, we can help your child become the well-rounded person that will think creatively and show an understanding of the world around them, whilst recognising and understanding their own feelings and thoughts alongside those of others.

In KS3 students will be introduced to various artists under the headings of: (Yr7) Elements of Art, Portraits and Natural Form, (Yr8) Elements of Art, Creatures and Characters and Environmental Issues and (Yr9) Past, Present and Future.

Art lessons at Kingsmead are thought provoking, filled with creativity, and allow imagination and energy to flow. Students are given the tools, techniques, and knowledge to become more independent as they progress through the years. A wide range of mediums are introduced enabling more choice and confidence in their ability.

year 7

In Year 7, students start the Winter Term with a Scheme of Work on The Elements of Art this is then followed by a Portraits Project and finally finished in the summer term with Natural Form looking at the techniques of ‘Van Gogh’. All of which include the study of artists, learning techniques and development in creative skills, planning and experimentation.

year 8

In Year 8, students re-cap on Elements of Art and we then move onto Creatures and Characters which develops Artist research skills through the study of various artists alongside Richard Burton and the use of clay. This is then followed by an in-depth study of Environmental Issues and how Artists support this subject.

year 9

Year 9, students are introduced to Artists throughout history linked firstly to the ‘Past’ based on War which will help them to understand how creativity reflects the world at that time. Again, a mix of mediums and techniques are introduced, and creative skills developed. We then move onto the ‘Present’, studying Artist’s outcomes and reflecting on the world we live in today and consumerism. Then finally we discover the ‘Future’ based on Utopia, Cyberpunk and Dystopia. Pupils are encouraged to make decisions on outcomes enabling a more independent learning, setting them up for GCSE coursework in year 10 and the exam in Year 11.

YEAR 10 & 11

AQA GCSE Art and Design begins in Year 10 and sees them
through to Year 11 in which an externally set assignment is delivered in
January to be sat at the end of April. From Yr. 10 through to the January we
will concentrate on producing the coursework which is worth 60% of their GCSE Art
and Design grade. Both Coursework and the Exam are marked equally across 4 Assessment
Objectives based on:

  • AO1: Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating a critical understanding of sources.
  • AO2: Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.
  • AO3: Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses.
  • AO4: Present a personal and meaningful response that realizes intentions and demonstrates an understanding of visual language.

The exam is worth 40% of their overall grade and the students are given a choice from 7 starting points of which they choose one.
They then plan their personal outcome (based on AO1, AO2 and AO3) and then
produce the personal outcome under exam conditions within the classroom in 10
hours done over 2 days. This is a lovely time as students can showcase their
skills and shine!


The Art teachers offer an open-door policy at break and lunchtimes for students in all year groups (Yr. 7 – 11) whether they are improving artistic skills or developing GCSE work we are always keen to help.

Art Club is on a Monday lunchtime for Yr.7 & Yr.8.

Our clubs and open-door policy also mean that we are able to get involved in cross curricular projects such as the whole school production. All students are encouraged to get involved no matter what their creative ability!

Yr. 10 – Workshop – Day of Art

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