As students arrive at Kingsmead with very little experience of drama, the basic skills need to be introduced straight away and this has been taken into consideration, particularly within the Year 7 schemes of work.  In Year 7 and Year 8 the students will explore mostly Naturalism and Physical Theatre, whilst developing important life skills such as working together, being creative, presenting ideas and building confidence within themselves. By using their imaginations, students can put themselves in other people’s shoes, become more empathetic and therefore have a greater understanding of themselves and others.  

Drama lessons at Kingsmead are full of energy, imagination, creativity and fun! No two lessons are ever the same. Students learn through working together, participating in games, developing skills and techniques and building confidence in themselves and their work.

In Year 7, students start the autumn term with a topic on Evacuees using Naturalism, in the spring term they develop their Physical Theatre skills with Haunted House and in the summer term Storytelling. 

In Year 8, students begin the autumn term devising from a range of stimuli, in the spring term they work on combining Naturalism and Physical Theatre to do a short, scripted version of Macbeth before in the summer term doing their performances of Macbeth and a shortened unit of Storytelling, building on the skills from Year 7.  

In Year 9, students begin with devising using American Civil Rights to create an original piece of Theatre in Education. In the spring they will study Blood Brothers working with script. In the summer term students will analyse and evaluate live performance, building the language and knowledge to access the written elements of the GCSE. 

AQA GCSE Drama begins in Year 10 and sees them through to Year 11. Devising and Script work are the pillars upon all drama education is built, which is reflected in the AQA GCSE Drama exam. The course over the 2 years tries to give students the opportunity to experience being part of a Theatre Company. In Year 10, students do the same three components as the Year 11s, however in Year 10 this is very much teacher-led, whereas in Year 11 the students must work far more independently. The course is made up of Component 1: Understanding Theatre, which is a written exam and 40% of the final grade. Component 2: Devising is a written log and performance, also 40% of final grade. Component 3: Texts in Practice is two short performances of script extracts from a play, 20% of the final grade. 

We have had a Year 7 and Year 8 Youth Theatre perform Fantastic Mr Fox, a group of Year 9 students performed an original devised piece ‘Who Killed Bill’ at the TYCA Arts schools festival held at the The Space, Performing Arts College. The highlight of the school calendar is our big School Production each year working alongside the Music and Art Departments and spanning across Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students. We all work together as one enormous ensemble that allows us to showcase the wealth of talent we have here at Kingsmead School across the Arts. In 2022 we performed Little Shop of Horrors, 2023 we performed Grease and in 2024 we will be performing…well…you’ll find out in December!

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