Welcome to the Kingsmead School Geography Department

Our aim is for students to have an awareness of the world around them, to build confidence and understanding with geographical concepts. To know and understand how the human and physical worlds interact. To become global citizens, to care for the planet and have an understanding of the concept of sustainability. In delivering this we see geography as a crucial component of the curriculum and wholly important for students to study.

All schemes of learning are planned with a variety of learning activities in mind; alongside literacy based and extended writing tasks. We use up to date and relevant real world events in lessons, encourage students to take a enquiry based approach to learning, and plan tasks to develop independence and resilience.

The curriculum is planned to develop skills which are examined at GCSE, through KS3 topics. We plan each Year’s Learning Journey with big themes in mind: Year 7 is ‘Our Amazing World’, Year 8 is ‘Exploring Geographical problems and futures’, Year 9 is ‘Making links and developing literacy’. If students complete their geography education in Year 9 and not opt for the GCSE we would hope they would have some knowledge from the KS3 curriculum studied in these years and have gained some geographical skills. These are: Skill 1: Demonstrating knowledge of places and processes and environments at different scales; Skill 2: Remembering and understanding geographical information about places/ processes and the relationships between them.; Skill 3: To be able to make judgements using real geographical information about issues and problems.; Skills 4: Use geographical skills, e.g. map reading, using data etc, to investigate issues and communicate your findings.

By the end of Year 11, we aim for all students to be able to sit the Edexcel B GCSE in geography, which comprises 3 exams: Unit 1 is Global Geography (Tectonics, Hurricanes, Unit 2 is UK Geography and Fieldwork, Unit 3 is Environmental Issues. In some years we have also offered the OCR Entry Level certificate to a small number of students.

We aim to carry out a trip or fieldwork for each year group in each year. In the summer term of Year 7, students walk up to the local town and conduct some fieldwork to investigate the quality of life. Year 8 use the stream in the school to gather data on rivers, or visit Wimbleball Lake for a day’s fieldwork and developing map and other geographical skills. In Year 9 we aim to visit the Met Office to look at weather and climate. Year 10 have two trips, one in the winter to Bristol to conduct urban fieldwork, and in the summer to Minehead to conduct some coastal fieldwork. In Year 11, students have the possibility of visiting the Eden Project in Cornwall, and we also plan to visit Iceland again in Easter 2025 with Year 11, having conducted our first, very successful, residential there in Easter 2023.

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