Physical Education


Physical Education at Kingsmead promotes health, wellbeing and builds lifelong exercise habits. It also develops the physical confidence that individuals need to maintain and improve their health and fitness throughout life. Offering opportunities to compete in lessons, at lunchtime and after school builds character and embeds the values which support student learning such as social skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities. In all years, the curriculum progresses along the three connected strands of:

Motor competence
Knowledge of rules and strategies
Healthy participation

The KS3 curriculum is broad and balanced and modules of work are built upon each year to progress physical competency. Students study Athletics, Challenge and Leadership, Dance, Fitness, Games and Gymnastics and develop the ability to apply the skills they learn to varying situations through confident decision making. The KS4 offer builds on this platform whilst recognising that students have different personalities and relationships with physical activity. Each student follows a suitable pathway in which they tackle increasingly more complex and demanding physical activity that develops their personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle. As the key stage progresses, students are also given increasingly more choice and ownership of their pathway.

All students require their PE kit for every lesson. For safety reasons they also need to remove all jewellery

and tie up long hair. Students will be physically active in lessons, those who are excused with a note from home will still need to be changed as they will be fully involved in the lessons as a coach/official/ leader.

In Key Stage 4, as well as continuing with core PE, the department offer two qualifications: AQA GCSE Physical Education and OCR Cambridge Nationals Sports Studies. The PE department also offer a full and varied programme of extra-curricular clubs and practices which complement and enrich the core PE programme. The current schedule is always on the daily student bulletin and displayed in the PE corridor. It can also be accessed on the student hub.

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