Winners at Salters’ Festival of Chemistry

Posted on May 16, 2016

Year 8 students Ella Varney, Ava Blandford, Mitchell Whitlam and Deiniol Brown journeyed to Bristol University to represent Kingsmead in the Annual Regional Salters’ Festival on Wednesday 11 May 2016.

The students took part in two competitions during the day, pitching their skills and scientific knowledge against 14 other schools from the South West.  Our team worked hard within the 'Chemlabs’ (the University's state of the art laboratories) under the supervision and judgement of the research staff, where they had to demonstrate their team work, safety awareness, practical skills and scientific knowledge to tackle the two challenges set for them; to solve a forensic murder mystery and to use a chemical reaction as a clock.

While judges deliberated the teams were treated to an explosive lecture presentation on earth's gases (hydrogen literally going up in flames).  Kingsmead School took first prize in the University set Iodine Clock challenge, a well-deserved award for a dedicated team with great scientific promise. 

The students summarised the day by saying:- 

“It was really fun and I found the lecture was interesting. Everyone was very welcoming.” Ella Varney 

“Amazing labs, great challenges and very enjoyable.”  Ava Blandford 

“Very interesting and puzzling. We won thanks to everyone.”  Mitchell Whitlam 

“Interesting lecture, challenging work and a fun day!”  Deiniol Brown