Acceptable Use of Technology Policy (Visitors)

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1.    Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy reflects the school Online Safety, Cyber Security and Data Protection & Freedom of Information policies. The school will ensure that visitors will have access to technology if required to enable efficient and effective working.


2.    Scope of policy

This Acceptable User Policy (AUP) policy applies to one-time and regular visitors including Supply Staff who have access to and are users of school technology systems.


3.    Visitors will:

  • Apply appropriate standards when using computing devices in school including an awareness of GDPR, Copyright laws, Prevent duty and reporting.


  • Only use personal devices, including a mobile phone during the working day in line with the policy for use by staff. This includes not using the device in the presence of child and not taking pictures or other recordings unless written permission has been granted and agreed by the Headteacher.  The device must be pin code or fingerprint protected and not discoverable by third parties.


  • Not publish any information online that may be offensive to staff or students or may bring the school into disrepute. If any information relating to a visit to the school is to be shared publicly this should be in agreement with the Headteacher.


4.    Logging in

  • If you use the school’s equipment, use the supplied username and password, otherwise please request login credentials from Reception or IT Services.


  • If your service contract (Network/MIS support) allows you access to the system through team logins, inform a member of SLT or IT Services of the purpose and how you will be accessing the system.


5.    Internet access and uploading

  • The school’s internet connection is filtered so access might be denied to some sites. Seek permission a member of SLT or IT Services to access sites that are unavailable through the schools normal filtering system.


  • You are responsible for the sites that appear on any machine that you are using. Report any issues to ICT Services.


  • Never upload and install software or updates.


6.    Use of personal equipment

  • Make sure that you have permission from the school for its use.


  • Ensure it has up to date virus protection software installed.


  • Ensure that you take appropriate precautions with trailing wires. If support is required, please let a member of the premises team know.


  • Ensure that you can identify your equipment.


  • Never leave your equipment unattended or in an unlocked room.

7.    Wireless access

  • Where you have permission to use a personal smart device, you will use the school’s wireless connection and will be provided with an authorisation key.


  • Remember that bandwidth is limited so avoid intensive use such as large downloads.


8.    Downloading & transferring files or documents

For all files:

  • Never transfer files unless you have permission, this must not be from a USB stick/external drive unless permission has been given by Kingsmead School.


  • Make sure that you clearly state the purpose for transferring the files and this is discussed in person before any transfer or download takes place.


If the file contains sensitive personal data, such as staff or student information:

  • Get permission for this in writing or by email from the Designated Safeguarding Lead/Headteacher for any student data. (Note: permission will not be needed where existing service contracts, such as Network/MIS support, are in place. However, please indicate the type of work you will be doing).


  • Transfer the file only using encrypted methods.


9.    Taking of photographs, video or sound recordings

  • The staff/students have all given their permission for these images/voices to be used.


  • You request permission in writing or through email should you intend to use these files in a public arena (website, blog etc.) or for financial gain.


10.         Reporting

  • Report any incidence of accidental viewing of inappropriate images or materials.


  • Report any incidence of deliberate searching for inappropriate images or materials.


  • Switch off and secure any device that you suspect of containing an intimate sexting image and report immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Lead/Headteacher




Appendix 1 – Visitor Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Form

Visitor Name  
Visitor Signature  



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